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Published: God is in the Crazy by Dr. Chet Weld

Dr. Weld published his first book titled God Is in the Crazy (with astounding miracles and reflections on the peaceful life) through Covenant Books. His book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and various other booksellers. 

The book us about miracles that God performs on a daily basis, and it contains over fifty of them, most of which have been told to Dr. Weld, personally.

Also, God Is in the Crazy contains personal anecdotes and life lessons such as how “the wilderness equals power,” “God draws straight with crooked lines,” and the benefits of “downward mobility.”

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Book Reviews

Click on the link to read the review, visit on Amazon, or download the PDF:

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Published in these journals: “Counseling and Values,”The Family Journal,” and “The Journal of Psychology and Theology.” One article has been required reading in several biblically-based graduate counseling programs.

Counseling Principles in Bible | PDF

Co-authored a chapter in Culturally Alert Counseling, edited by Garrett McAuliffe., still widely used at many universities.

Doctoral dissertation about client expectations of prayer when seeing a Christian-based counselor is available at or by contacting Dr. Weld.

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